Worship is what we will do in Heaven, 24x7, 

so we take our worship time at First seriously! 

From the Sanctuary Choir down to the Cherub Choir,

there is a place for everyone! 

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir is the anchor for the Worship Arts Ministry.  Led by Peter McCann, the choir leads every Sunday in service, as well as provides incredible programs for Easter and Christmas.  

Rehearsals for this choir are Wednesdays

at 6:30 - 7:30 P.M.

Our Christmas Choir Kick-off is August 24, 2022 @ 6pm in the Sanctuary.

All adults are welcome.

Contact Peter McCann in the church office for more information.

Youth Worship Project

The Youth Worship Project is led by Michelle Fischer.  

They meet on Sundays at 5 P.M. for rehearsal in the Sanctuary.

7th-12th graders welcome!!

Children's choirs

Graded choirs have been a "thing" at First Mineola for decades! And our tradition is rich! The kids always perform a Christmas program as well as a Spring Fling concert before a Summer hiatus. All our children's choirs meet from 5:00 P.M.- 6:00 P.M. on Wednesday evenings
beginning August 31, 2022.
Our choirs:

Cherub Choir - 3 yr. old - Kindergarten

PS 3 yr room @ 6 P.M.

SonShine Choir - 1st - 2nd Grade

Room 140 & 142 @ 6 P.M.

HizKidzMade2Worship - 3rd - 6th Grade

Room 203 @ 6 P.M.

Children's Choir Volunteers Needed!
contact Peter McCann at the church office for more information. 

Secondary Title

Sanctuary musicians

Not an orchestra; not a band - our musicians meet every Wednesday from 7:30-8:15 for rehearsal, and again at 9AM Sunday mornings to provide our congregation with beautiful instrumental music for Worship!  If you have an instrument that your proficient with, please contact Peter McCann in the church office to make arrangements to join us!


Our handbells were just completely rebuilt, as has the choir itself! After a 10-year hiatus, the choir has been resurrected!  If you read music , please contact the church office or Carol Tucker for more information.

Media Ministry

We have an awesome team of volunteers who run our sound, 

lights and media for us each and every Sunday!

Maybe you would like to be one of them?

Training is provided! Contact the church for more information!